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Same-Day Crowns

Same-Day Crowns 

When your tooth needs a crown, dealing with multiple appointments and long wait times can add to your stress and frustration. Fortunately, dental technology has evolved, allowing dentists to assess, prepare and fit a crown in a single visit.

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When Do I Need a Crown?

A dental crown is a sculpted cap that fits over a prepared tooth. Designed to look and function as a normal tooth, they protect teeth that have been damaged or decayed. A dentist may place a crown over a tooth when:

  • The tooth has fractured
  • The tooth has a large filling
  • The tooth has had a root canal
  • The tooth is severely worn down
  • The tooth serves as support for a fixed bridge

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

Traditionally, the dentist prepares a tooth for a crown during the first visit. An impression is made of the prepared tooth, then sent to a dental lab, which fabricates the new tooth. In a second visit, the dentist checks the crown and makes any adjustments to accommodate the fit before securing it into place. The entire process takes up to two weeks.

With same-day crowns, many of these processes are simplified, streamlined, and geared toward improving the patient experience. Of course, there is the convenience of having the crown available in the same visit, reducing the strain on patients.

No impression putty is required to gauge the prepared tooth. Instead, a digital scanner is used to create a 3D digital model of the tooth, improving accuracy and patient comfort. Because patients receive their crowns on the same day, they do not need to be fitted with a temporary crown, which may be awkward and uncomfortable. 

The Same-Day Crown Process

First, the dentist prepares the tooth to receive a crown by reshaping it for the correct fit. Our office uses local anesthetic as standard, and conscious sedation is available upon patient request.

Once the tooth is prepped, it is scanned to create a 3D model. This digital model is sent to a milling machine, which uses the data to carve the crown out of a ceramic block with expert mechanical precision. 

Afterward, the dentist makes any necessary adjustments to the crown, then cements it to the tooth. After a short healing period, the tooth will be able to function as normal, fully protected against further damage and decay.

Efficient, High-Quality Dentistry in Upland

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