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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery Upland

There are many dental concerns that can be treated with oral surgery. At Smileneeds dental, Dr. Mariano Castro offers a variety of oral surgery procedures via an oral surgeon who visits our Upland dental office once a month.

Whether you are experiencing dental pain or are in need of an extraction, dental implant placement, or facial reconstruction, oral surgery can help you regain a healthy, long-lasting smile.TMJ Pain

Oral Surgery Procedures at Smileneeds Dental

Most of the oral surgery procedures performed in our Upland office are wisdom teeth extractions. However, we also place implants and perform reconstructive surgery for patients needing a renewed and fully-functional smile. Typically, patients who are experiencing the signs of wisdom teeth eruption will consult Dr. Castro and determine whether their teeth need to be extracted. Likewise, those who are interested in receiving dental implants will have their implants placed and restored all under one roof.

Dr. Mariano Castro enlists the help of an oral surgeon who visits our Upland location once per month and helps our patients achieve healthy smiles. Our oral surgeon and Dr. Castro work closely to take care of your smile needs and produce beautiful results.

Do You Need Oral Surgery?

Patients of all ages can receive oral surgery, and the treatment is used to either alleviate pain or remove or place teeth in order to improve oral health. In order to determine whether oral surgery is right for you, Dr. Castro will perform a dental examination and take x-rays. Especially for wisdom teeth extractions, Dr. Castro will need to determine the location of the teeth and decide whether their removal is necessary to save your dentition.

After oral surgery has been decided upon, Dr. Castro will schedule a consultation with our oral surgeon who will sit with you and thoroughly explain how your surgical procedure will be completed, along with the anticipated results. For apprehensive patients in need of oral surgery, sedation options are available to put you at ease during treatment.

Pain, teeth extractions, dental reconstruction, and more are all reasons why oral surgery might be necessary to keep your teeth healthy and functional. If you are concerned that you may need oral surgery, contact Smileneeds dental and request a consultation.

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If you would like more information about oral surgery, or to find out whether oral surgery is a treatment option you need to consider, contact Dr. Mariano Castro at Smileneeds Dental and schedule an appointment today!

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